Yosh’s Drum Warehouse Vol. 1

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Get your hands on the hard hitting drum samples from 7X Grammy Winner John “Yosh” Jaszcz! This pack includes:

-Works In Any DAW or Sampler!

-24-bit, 48k .wav files

-Over 600+ Samples

-Multi-Sampled, Multi-Velocity Samples

-2 Full Drum Kits

-9 Different Snares

-2 sets of Toms

-2 sets of Kicks

-Hi-Hats, Cymbals & More

-Multi-sampled files for Slate Trigger 2

-Yosh’s “Legacy” Drum Samples


System Requirements


Mac Minimum

  • Intel® or M1 Mac with macOS macOS Mojave (10.14.5), macOS Catalina (10.15.6), macOS Big Sur (11.4)
    Intel® i5 processor or higher
  • Requires Slate Trigger 2(Full Version) 
  • 4GB RAM (8GB or more recommended)
  • Minimum 1280 Horizontal Monitor Resolution
  • Internet connection for installation
  • Minimum of 1GB disk space for installation
  • USB-port, FireWire-port or Thunderbolt-port for CoreAudio-supported audio device
Screen Resolution

requires a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher


Launch Video:

Yosh Show’s How to Use It In Trigger:

Example On Live Drums:

See The Drums We Used:

16 reviews for Yosh’s Drum Warehouse Vol. 1

  1. Erik Luper (verified owner)

    This product was SOOOO needed for our community!! All the other sample libraries are really rock specific and they just don’t work for our music. I installed the library into Trigger2 and happily found out that not only did they sound AMAZING, but they sound better than all the samples that come standard in Trigger2!! Great job John Mike!!

  2. Heath

    As a drummer, this is inspiring. As a mixer, this is such a powerful tool. Yosh’s drum sound is the epitome of drums in Gospel music over the last 15+ years. He basically just gave away all of his secrets for under a $100 and you DON’T want to miss out. I’ve already been tweaking my own drum mixes to sound closer to his, but the ability to blend his snares in with mine has changed the game. I immediately said “Oh, that’s the snare on all of Marvin Sapp’s records.” It’s mind blowing and I’m grateful that Yosh and John Mike decided to make this happen.

  3. Justin Wright (verified owner)

    The detail of these samples is amazing! You can tell a lot of time and effort was put into getting them just right. And to finally have some samples directly from the GOAT Yosh…crazy!!

  4. Ricko Clark (verified owner)

    Awesome addition to my mix flow. Heard an instant difference by just adding a little blend in my workflow.

  5. Stephen Mixson (verified owner)

    Having a drum sample pack specifically for gospel is super rare. I was able to plug these samples into my churches livestream with no processing and they sound amazing as is!! Having slate trigger 2 is a bonus and I’d suggest purchasing that to take full advantage of all the features in this pack!! … you can’t go wrong with anything that Yosh approves!

  6. Dadrian Nelson (verified owner)

    I bought this product soon as it came out and boy oh boy nicely done everything is in order easy to understand just amazing good job John Mike John Yosh!

  7. Christopher O Howden (verified owner)

    If you ever wanted that live kick sound from some of Kirk Franklin’s albums, or those snares that cut so well in a mix from James Fortune or Dorinda Clark Cole, this is the drum pack you need!!!

    As soon as I got it, I used the Edge Snare on a current song I’m mixing, and it instantly transformed the whole drum kit. A fuller sound and just enough top end to pierce in the mix.

    You will not regret buying these samples!!! Yosh has an industry sound that will last for a long time. I’m really glad I get to add these to my arsenal.

    Awesome job to John Mike and Yosh for making this product! I cannot wait for Vol.2!!!

  8. Duke Smith

    One word; incredible! They were used in a mix within 2 days of purchase..

  9. Marques Murrey

    If you’ve ever wanted your drums to smack like the gospel albums that you love to listen to, then you need these drum samples in your library. This is a game changer and a must have!

  10. Sean McClain (verified owner)

    If your drums are not sounding big enough for you then this is way to go. When I first purchase this product and tried it, I was really AMAZED. John Mike and John Yosh thank you for sharing with us with your awesome gifts to create and mix amazing records. Much Love to you John Mike for everything.

  11. Robert Livernois (verified owner)

    Many of Yosh’s samples come “dry” but also come with room and overhead mic perspectives, providing each sample with an incredible range of options, especially when you load them together and mix them in Trigger 2! Great job Yosh!

  12. Kristian Black (verified owner)

    BEST DRUM SAMPLES EVER!!! As soon as I got them I loaded them into Trigger and tested them out on a mix. Instantly the drums were better. This product is a must have for any mix engineer! The options and flexibility makes adding these samples very natural and transparent.

  13. Keibway Greaves (verified owner)

    The presentations were excellent. This inspired me to purchase both Slate Triggers and the Yosh’s Drum Warehouse Pack. Definitely worth the investment to any serious about taking production to the next level.

  14. DeLaVanta “delmixedit” Tabor (verified owner)

    As a drummer first and engineer second, drums are always an area I spend a lot of time working on to get perfect. Even with great tracking techniques some records just need a little extra help, without processing signals to death. Enter Yosh’s Drum Warehouse; WOW!

    I’ve been a Trigger user for a few years and have never really been completely happy with the sounds supplied, even in the Platinum bundle. The reason is that most of those sample’s are geared towards genres of music I do not typically work in. Yosh’s samples are simply amazing and truth be told, make me want to revisit some of my tracking techniques LOL.

    Must have for any engineer or even producer working in the R&B, Funk, and Gospel genres. For augmentation, just add the samples and blend to taste. With the Trigger round robin these can even, convincingly, be used for complete replacement; with little to no tweaking required!

    Stop reading and get these now!

  15. Alain Eloi (verified owner)

    These sounds have me wanting to get back into mixing and producing again….They’re THAT good.

  16. Brian Williams

    I’m wrapping up a record, and I was using a certain library to stack my snare on a couple songs… Then Yosh’s Drum Warehouse dropped…The moment I browsed through the libraries, I easily removed the samples I had, and replaced them with these….. They are the most versatile samples that you’re ever gonna get with little to no tweaking needed…if you wanna enhance your tones that’s already recorded, or completely substitute them, Yosh’s Drum Warehouse is the absolute right tool for the job!

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