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Behind The “Seens”


Season 1- episode 1

In this episode, Producer Sean “Sean Keys” Willis breaks down all of the production behind the smash hit “So Good” by Kelya Richardson!

The artists that sing our favorite songs on our favorite albums are the ones that are always “Seen” but there are music producers and musicians and countless others that aren’t “Seen” that work tirelessly to bring our favorite songs to our ears! In this series we want to highlight the people behind the “Seens”





Producer Of The Month!

This month’s feature is Kenneth Shelton of Ken-He Music Productions. His most notable credits have come alongside Jonathan Nelson and he remains an integral part of the sound and success of Nelson’s camp. His work with Nelson began with “Live in Baltimore” and continues today and beyond. Shelton hails from a musical family and his gift was cultivated in his home hearing his mother sing and his step-father play keyboard on the quartet scene.


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Loop Elements

What if you could create really amazing sounding Loop/Perc tracks just by pressing a few keys on your midi keyboard?! Well, here’s the answer! Loop Elements is the first playable percussion loop based sampler instrument for Logic Pro X(10.5)! You can create endless combinations with kick, clap, snap, perc loops and our special sauce called “Elements”! We also include a “Live Loops” Grid session(10.5 required). And for those who don’t have version 10.5, we have included an Apple Loops version that will allow you to just drag and drop the loops from the Apple Loops browser and customize the tempo however you want!

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