The Best LOOPS

You’ve Ever Created!

Loop Elements Deluxe Now Available!

The Loops You’ve Always Wanted!

Get your hands on the world’s best drum loop workstation!

-Requires The Full Version Of Kontakt

-100’s of loops one shots and samples to manipulate

-Works In Any DAW!

-Works In Kontakt 5 & 6

-5 Different .NKI Instruments

-Multiple Time Signatures (4/4, 3/4 & 6/8)

-Over a Dozen Built-in Fx to Shape, Filter & Morph Your Loops

-Built-in Rhythm Engine To Create Your Own Rhythmns

-FREE Bonus Expansion Library “The Swing Machine”


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9 reviews for Loop Elements Deluxe

  1. Robert Edwards (verified owner)

    I just purchased loop elements and I must say this is the best software to hit the industry in the last five years this has made my life in production in Field of work very seamless and easy to accomplish in a short amount of time this is the best software on the market and I recommend it to everyone in the production world it’s a must have software‼️ Your Project needs this plug-in Big Ups JMike!

  2. Sean McClain (verified owner)

    I just bought Loop Elements! I must say that this is SIMPLY AMAZING. just imagine having to create loops from scratch. This app is very helpful when you are press for time getting a song done or just creating. Hands down John Mike. Thank for all that you’re doing. Look forward for whats next dude. Much love your way.

  3. Erik Luper (verified owner)

    Having used Loop Elements Deluxe over the last couple of days, I have to say that this is definitely a great leap forward in the product line. The ability to just drop the Instruments into the Quick Browser and go is fantastic for workflows when you need to get an idea down fast. Using it in Kontakt makes it so much more powerful because the FX and Modulation Engine are built into the player, as well as the various output option. This is an exciting evolution as well as a great product at a great price. Well done!!

  4. Dennis Dudley (verified owner)

    Man, I was running out of options for loops before purchasing Loop Elements Deluxe. So many different routes to go along with having complete control of every way you could possibly manipulate! This is the purchase to make!!

  5. D Asherman (verified owner)

    This is really well organized. It took me just a few seconds to load into Kontakt after watching the installation video. Amazing loops, too; I wish I wasn’t the type of person who had to explore _everything_. This is just so full-featured, with great loop presets. And it’s in Kontakt! That’s just so cool – I can use this everywhere now!

  6. Marques Murrey (verified owner)

    This is going to be a huge part of my production for years to come! No more stressing over loops! This is a life saver

  7. Ejike (verified owner)

    Loop Elements in general is a huge time-saver. Beyond time-saving, the ambience the loop brings to my production is unique. Now, Deluxe Edition just took it to another level.

  8. John Simplice

    As a producer, there’s nothing better than having tools, that can make the creating process faster. These loops elements are time savers, so I could finish tracks faster, move to the next one, thus giving more time to the family. Thank you John Mike. Totally support your products.

  9. Khalil

    Just got loop elements deluxe! I love it already! Putting it to great use on some stems for church! PHENOMENAL JOB JOHN MIKE

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VOL. 4 “The Swing Machine” Comes FREE with the purchase of Loop Elements Deluxe!