Advanced Production/Mixing Techniques For Logic Pro X |Taught By Yaahn Hunter Jr.|

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2-Hour training with Yaahn Hunter Jr.!  This class will cover some advanced production concepts using Logic Pro X:

-Advanced midi programming

-Advanced Automation Techniques

-Powerful and game changing key commands

-How to blend gospel and trap in the same song!

-Advanced mixing & editing techniques

-And Much More!



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2 reviews for Advanced Production/Mixing Techniques For Logic Pro X |Taught By Yaahn Hunter Jr.|

  1. aakinbanjo (verified owner)

    Wow, this is a fantastic in-depth tutorial that was presented by gospel producer John Mike and then next a brilliant masterclass of a lecture was delivered
    by the super producer, in his intellectual role as a lecturer which Yaahn Hunter Jnr wore so well.
    There is something warm and engaging when listening, to this anointed man of God, deliver a classic attention to detail tutorial.
    I learn’t so much in one sitting.
    I had question’s which Yaahn was personable enough to answer, questions that some other musicians wouldn’t answer.
    It’s a Masterclass that I will revisit time and time again.
    I already have the Intro to Logic Pro x.
    Please purchase this one too.
    I highly recommend this masterclass, and I look forward to purchasing many more of this gentleman’s Tutorials in future.
    Thank you, Guys, it is well worth the price and time.

  2. Mark Shropshire (verified owner)

    I knew Yaahn Hunter Jr. was going to present a great session based on watching his YouTube channel, but this class was so much more than just advanced production techniques for Logic Pro X. I was blown away by the depth reached in just over 2 hours.

    While I anticipated great tips on using Logic Pro X like keyboard shortcuts, working with effects chains, looping, etc. I wasn’t expecting to get to dive into how Yaahn approaches his process for producing music on a daily basis. Included are quality production tips and musicality that goes well beyond the functionality of any production tool.

    I would also recommend catching Gospel Producers classes live when they are recorded because there are opportunities to ask questions and discuss the class with other virtual classmates.

    Thank you Yaahn and Gospel Producers for hosting such as well produced class.

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