Guide Track The Best Way To Program Live Tracks!

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Full Overview/Walkthrough!


Get your hands on the best Plugin for programming live Cue/Slate Tracks on the internet!

-VST/Audio Unit/AAX Format (AAX Mac Only)

-Works For Mac & Windows (VST3 works for Windows No Windows AAX Support Yet)

-Playable Audio Cues Mapped To The Keys

Over 100+ “Drag And Drop” Ready Midi Guide Cues/Slates

-6 Included Voices In English & Spanish

-4 Included Click Tracks

-Reverb & Brightness FX

-Fade In/Out & Split Track Options!

-Streamlined 1-Page GUI


System Requirements:

Mac Minimum

Win Minimum

2.2 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor
4 GB of RAM
Mac OS X 10.12 or later

VST, AU, AAX supporting DAW

2.2 Intel Dual Core or AMD Processor
4 GB of RAM Windows 10 or later

VST supporting DAW

Screen Resolution

Guide Track requires a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher


Screen Resolution

Guide Track requires a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher


Guide Track is natively compatible with the new line of Apple Silicon machines

(Apple ARM processors) .

*Works with Reason 12.5(with VST3) support

***Please Note: Guide Track is not yet natively compatible with Pro-Tools for Windows but is in active development. So in order to use it you will need a VST3 host. We recommend Bluecat Audio Patchwork but there are others that will work as well. Please refer to this video on how to use it in Pro-Tools


14 reviews for Guide Track The Best Way To Program Live Tracks!

  1. Robin Bramlett (verified owner)

    If you create backing tracks for church or ANY type of live performance you NEED this plugin. It’s TRULY a Godsend to not have to drag cues from folders into my DAW and look for click sounds and manually create a click track in my DAW. EVERYTHING you need for that task is in this plugin!! Gospel Producers hit another one out of the park! $29.99 well spent and even the regular price of $49.99 is a good deal for this game changer of a plug in.

  2. Donald Shipman (verified owner)

    You need this in your arsenal!!! I am a producer and programmer for a lot of live shows and arrangements both for myself as well as other bands/artists. This tool speeds up my process and productivity in making stems for live performance or for remote tracking when I record remotely with other musicians. Such a life saver!!

  3. elton allen (verified owner)

    This product is absolutely amazing. The automation changes, the GUI, and the overall response in Ableton, logic, studio one, and cubase have been seamless. if you need clicks and cues this will save HOURS of work. I just finished my easter set with this product.. PERFECT for real. even the installation was a great leap! If you make stems… TNIS IS THE CHEAT CODE.

  4. John Hall Jr (verified owner)

    This is a must,,saves a lot of unesssary chatter and allows one to just follow the guide. I use it now when artist send me stems for a live show and these aren’t present, keeps arrangements on lock!!!

  5. Samba Emmanuel

    This so nice it makes my work easy for live programming and church .
    It’s coming with looptracks How to use those loops tracks .!???

  6. Cliff (verified owner)

    Wow! What can I say…? This just saved me a ton of time in my workflow while preparing stems for church and shows! I can always count on GP to know “what else” is needed to make my musical journey better, easier and more fun!

  7. Alan King (verified owner)

    This problem has been solved. I hope GS will allow us to edit to the titles. The plugin is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Erik Luper

    After playing with this for a week, it is INDISPENSABLE for anyone that programs tracks with any frequency! dragging and dropping to the grid, placing the midi trigger files exactly where you need them, not having to worry if the audio files you’re using have been trimmed properly, not having to build your own count offs and having them sound like a robot, the ability to play them on the fly LIVE if needed…… I could go on and on. This is easily worth twice the list price and once again John Mike and the fellas have given us something we NEEDED before we even knew we wanted it!! 500 outta 100!

  9. Chris Spencer (verified owner)

    Stop thinking about it! Just get it! Being able to manually trigger or drag and drop cues is amazing! I love the multiple click options! I actually blend two clicks to get the sound exactly the way I want it. Gospel Producers has done it again!

  10. Kidd M (verified owner)

    Mike, help me troubleshoot my install of Loop Track and Guide Track for High Sierra on Mac OS. He was patient and walked me through it step-by-step. Top tier customer service.

  11. Bashan (verified owner)

    Thank you for creating this amazing plugin!!! This was necessary!!!

  12. Traoré Jakim

    Hi Thank you for this new product, I bought it yesterday but I can’t open it on my Mac,
    My references are: MACOS MONTEREY 12.7.2
    Thanks for your help

    • John Mike (verified owner)

      Send us a message via customer support and we will help you out there!

  13. Terrance Glover (verified owner)

    This is a awesome tool to have especially with me being a LC Producer it cut my workflow in haft so I can focus more on the music.

  14. Russ (verified owner)

    This is the single greatest plug-in I’ve ever purchased for speeding up my workflow as I build backing tracks for multiple bands. I’d give up a LOT of plugins before this one. If you’re on the fence, just buy it. Even at full price it’s a steal if your time means more to you!

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