Gospel Mixing Template For Pro Tools!

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The Only Gospel Mixing Template You’ll Ever Need For Pro Tools!

Get ready to get the BEST mixes of your life using our Gospel Mixing Template for Pro Tools! This template was crafted using ONLY stock plugins, so there are no 3rd party plugins to buy in order to use this!

Get The Sound You Are Looking For FAST!

Mixing professional-sounding music is difficult and can take years to find a workflow that works for you. With this template, take all of the hard work out of mixing and make things EASY!This mixing template is so versatile, you will be sure to find a sound you love with the extensive effects chains and presets to get that professional mix on your music. Just drag your files in and go!


-Works for Pro Tools Artist and up!(Requires Subscription or Perpetual License!)

-Organized Perfectly So You Can Get Up And Mixing Quickly!(Just Drag Your Files In!)

-Low CPU Usage

-Includes Mix Buses For Drums, Percs, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Organ, Aux, Horns, Leads & BGVS!

-Includes FX Buses for Verbs, Delays, & Parallel Compression!

-Professionally crafted mixing chains dialed in for each track and bus

-Uses Only Stock Plugins(No 3rd Party Plugins Needed)

-Includes Drum Replacement Samples For Kick & Snare!

-Fully Loaded Master Buss Chain For That Final Mix Polish!

-And So Much More!

3 reviews for Gospel Mixing Template For Pro Tools!

  1. Terrance Glover (verified owner)

    This template is something you need for (Great Mixing) pro tools is the industry’s standard for recording and mastering this template will get you that industry sound right out the gate.

  2. Donnell Phillips (verified owner)

    * It makes me extremely happy to recommend John Mikes Gospel Template to all music enthusiasts.
    * His creativity, innovation and development to make sure all creators have a chance in putting music out that is radio and commercial ready is quite amazing!
    * Any beginner to advanced musician,producer or engineer
    * should count themselves lucky to have a bright, friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated person as John.”
    * He does this very well. Go Get It!

  3. Dadrian nelson (verified owner)

    Yooo this template is everything you need and want mike routed all the folders and tracks plus color coded everything. I been working with this template since he dropped it. Must have it’s 🔥🔥🔥

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