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With decades of experience in the industry, Jamel Kimbrough is not a rookie in the world of production. He has produced many award winning and chart topping songs by Todd Dulaney, Byron Cage, Benita Jones, Bri Babineaux and many others. In his Masterclass, he not only teaches his production process but he also gives you key points on how to be successful in this industry! Below are 4 pieces of advice that he gives to up and coming producers.


1. Intern With Someone More Experienced Than You

The art of interning has almost been lost in this current generation. It use to be a common thing for a music studio to have a host of interns hanging around trying to learn the tricks of the trade. But in this day and time, most people are looking to get paid for everything that they do so they shy away from unpaid opportunities. But when you intern(physically) with someone, you get to see parts of the process that you didn’t even know existed. Trust me, serving someone in this capacity will enrich you in ways you never thought possible and will open up doors for you in the industry just by association!


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2. Develop Thick Skin

When you make music and open up your creative heart, it can be the most vulnerable that you will ever be. Every creative takes extreme pride in their work and pours their heart into every creation. So it is really easy to get upset when someone doesn’t see your creation the same way that you do. But let’s be honest, when you are just getting started, just about everything you do sucks, ha ha! But you have to learn how not to wear your feelings on your sleeve. If someone tells you that your quality isn’t up to industry standard, don’t get upset, just go back to the drawing board. Also ask them what you can do to make it better, take their advice and keep working on your craft to cultivate growth. With each record that you produce, you will continue to get better and better. So don’t allow the negativity to stop your growth. Learn from your mistakes, own it and keep moving!


3. Build A Great Support System

When you have a creative mind the journey sometimes can feel lonely because you see things that non-creative people don’t see. This can be amplified sometimes if you have a spouse, parent or significant other that doesn’t share your vision. So it would be beneficial to have conversations with the people around you to make sure they are on the same page as you. This can increase your chances of success in this field, if you are surrounded by people that share your passion and or that push you to pursue it. But, even if they don’t share your passion, make sure that you have loving people around you that at least love you apart from what you do. These type of people will be there for you in those times of need!

4. Self-care Is Important

As producers we get excited about being creative and it’s really easy to take on multiple projects at one time. But you have to make sure that you take care of yourself, your body, your spirit and your mental health. So, sometimes the most important response that you can give to a client or potential client is “No”. You have to pace yourself and learn what your limits are and the workload that you can handle. Learn when to take breaks so you can reset and get prepared for the next run. Prioritize your work life, family life and spiritual life so that you can be balanced and in a good place to serve the needs of your clients, your family and God!

Want to Learn More About Producing?

Whether you’re an aspiring music producer or you’ve been in the game for several years. Jamel Kimbrough has produced many Grammy and Stellar award winning songs from the top artists in the gospel industry! Check out his award winning approach in his Masterclass!

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