Doobie Powell’s Peculiar Sounds VST/AU Plug-in For MacOS/Windows!

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The Peculiar Sounds Of Doobie Powell!

We teamed up with the legendary Doobie Powell to create a brand new VST plugin that includes over 100 of Doobie’s iconic sounds that he has used in his most popular recordings! You’ll get access to his Rhodes, Pianos, Synths, Pads, Leads and even his Drums!! This is a complete toolkit to add HUGE value to your productions!

-VST/Audio Unit Format
-Works For Mac & Windows(M1/M2 Macs Fully Supported!)
-24-bit, 48k Samples
-Over 100 Presets and Sounds
-2 Multi-FX Processors Including (Delay, Reverb, EQ, Compression, Saturation and More!)

System Requirements:

Mac Minimum

Win Minimum

2.2 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor
4 GB of RAM
Mac OS X 10.12 or later

M1/M2 Macs Fully Supported!

VST3, AU supporting DAW

2.2 Intel Dual Core or AMD Processor
4 GB of RAM Windows 7 (64bit only) or later

VST supporting DAW

Screen Resolution

Peculiar Sounds requires a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher


Screen Resolution

Peculiar Sounds requires a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher

Peculiar Sounds is natively compatible with the new line of Apple Silicon machines

(Apple ARM processors) .

***Please Note: Peculiar Sounds is not yet natively compatible with Pro-Tools. So in order to use it you will need a AU/VST host such as Bluecat Audio Patchwork Please refer to this video on how to use it in Pro-Tools


68 reviews for Doobie Powell’s Peculiar Sounds VST/AU Plug-in For MacOS/Windows!

  1. Lawrence Farmer

    Lawrence Farmer (verified owner)

    20 Minutes in and I’m in Love! Good work guys!

  2. Robin Bramlett (verified owner)

    I got mine this morning. Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and it gave me exactly what I was missing in my arsenal.

  3. Sean Keys (verified owner)

    This joint is CRAZY! The sounds are truly “inspirational” from the start! I’m getting so many dope ideas from just playing these sounds! Doobie & Gospel Producers really knocked it out of the park with this one!

  4. Chris X (verified owner)

    I’ve been waiting for sounds from Doobie for years and now it’s finally here! So 🔥. Already done cooked up a gang of beats with this plug-in alone

  5. Clinton Peacock

    Clinton Peacock (verified owner)

    Been creating all day with PS… Definitely worth it!

  6. Yohanes Wortham (verified owner)

    Those Sounds are Amazing! They will change your whole Worship Experience!. Game Changer! Go get It!

  7. Matthew Cook (verified owner)

    One word, damn!! my style is classic R&B and Neo Soul and this is that and so much more. great new vibe creation tool for the collection, just in time to make some holiday jams,
    great work fellas.

  8. Trina Trine (verified owner)

    This is absolutely amazing! I am so excited to use the sounds that Doobie has been using for years. A true game changer!

  9. Kelly Littlejohn III

    I bought the Peculiar plugin and got a chance to review the sounds. I think it’s super dope. The sounds are very clean and with the effects you have options. Your company did an amazing job with this. I’m glad I bought it!!

  10. Samuel Boone

    Love the preset sounds. Very Soulful. Hopefully there’s a standalone COMING SOON. I’d love to use these sounds live.

  11. Romell (CDNCEsounds) Adams (verified owner)

    Excellent VST! My style is Melodic, R&B, Vibes & Hip Hop. Peculiar Sounds was a great investment to strengthen my own sound and creativity. I highly recommend adding to your arsenal of production!

  12. Eric Johnson

    Opened it up and immediately made doobie-inspired track. Can’t wait Sunday is going to be a vibe✊🏾🔥 #itstheglideforme

  13. Brian “Synth Man” Washington (verified owner)

    I was completely blown away by the sounds when I first heard the demo!! I had to buy it!! This has definitely inspired me musically and I look forward to making some tracks with it! You won’t be disappointed in getting this!! It’s DOPE!!😎🤙🏽🔥💯

  14. John

    Wow Wow Wow! Overly Impressed, I have over 13k worth of Software on my MacBook! This Is Gonna Be Put To So Much Use!

  15. Justin (verified owner)

    Great for any genre such as gospel to neo soul feel good music…

  16. Ernest Zackery (verified owner)

    This plugin is fire for real. From downloading and installing it was an easy process and the sounds are so dope. This is a must buy.

  17. O’dell Webber

    Defined Dope Sounds,

  18. Absalom (LifenMusic)

    Yes this is it baby! Yes 👍🏽 hands down. I love the vision. God bless you Doobie for sharing your craft, and thank you John Mike for making it happen. Sounds are AMAZING 🤩! I can only imagine what the future holds. I’ll be in the corner waiting lol. Great job! Gospel Producers rock ✊🏽.

  19. Tristan Young (verified owner)

    Just An Amazing Plugin! I did a full track from it without having to use anything else! This is Definitely My Go To Now! 🔥🔥

  20. Alan King (verified owner)

    This is by far a MUST HAVE!!!! I really don’t do a lot of reviews but I had to represent for this product. I normally write music in my head but after hearing a few sounds, I knew I had to purchase this download. Get it now, because it should be worth as much as Keyscape.

  21. Jackie Clark (verified owner)

    I’m 4 songs in after only 1 day! LOL! Great stuff from a guy I’ve followed since the late 80’s/early 90’s!

  22. Larry Oliver II (verified owner)

    The sounds in this is so dope!! Great work John and Doobie! The pads are amazing and the fact you can tweek sounds through the FX is super dope!!!

  23. Carlin Muccular

    A+. This will change the way I produce music. This is a game changer for life! The sounds are incredible. I’ll definitely be using these sounds in my Shedtracks!
    Thank you Gospel Producers and Doobie for your hard work and dedication.

  24. Superior Edwards

    Superior Edwards (verified owner)

    This Is So Dope. I Just Sample some of the sounds into my Nord just so I can play the sounds without my Mac.. Amazing Sounds

  25. D’Angelo Maxwell (verified owner)

    Doc this joint is nuts man . Makes you really wanna play and produce for no reason‼️‼️‼️🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  26. Lawrence Windom (verified owner)

    This plug-in is super dope! All the RNB vibes are in it! No need to use anything else! Love it!

  27. Ji Nelson

    Doobie has always been an innovator. This is yet another sterling example and a serious creative tool.

  28. Deyquan Bowens

    Literally 3mins into messing around with the software I was blown away! I really appreciate the amount of sounds! There’s a great amount to have options but just enough not to overthink! ✊🏾

  29. David Byard

    David Byard (verified owner)

    The sounds are just amazing. On the first day, made something dope with this plugin.

  30. Marques Murrey

    This has all the vibe you need! Gospel, R&B, LoFi producers need to get this now! The size of the library is perfect also. 👌 This VST looks and sounds amazing.

  31. Jessie Baylor

    Jessie Baylor (verified owner)

    rimixbyricomusiq Yep pick mine up yesterday.
    Once I got it downloaded, I was creating for
    . Been looking for something like this
    for a long time. Definitely a good investment.

  32. Will Suddeth (verified owner)

    Listen…John had done it AGAIN! Doobie’s sound is so legendary and I was mesmerized after just 2 minutes! Keep changing the hands guys! 💪🏾💪🏾

  33. Rico Gibson

    Rico Gibson (verified owner)

    Bruh… words, I heard the default sine patches and a few glide pads, and I have to hit purchase. I can’t wait for a discount…LOL…bump it!!!! Let’s ride!!!! Dope bruh…super dope!!!!!!!

  34. Mark Pattiapon (verified owner)

    Awesome, good sounding vst ! Straight forward and easy to use.

  35. Tyrae Brown (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this 🔥

  36. Donnell Poole (verified owner)

    Peculiar Sounds is a game changer for me. Every sound in this pack is inspiring and the drums smack like crazy. Gospel Producers you guys always come through with some heat that inspire other song writers and Producers. Thank you all so much !!

  37. Eric Champion (verified owner)

    I just got it this past Monday and I love it so much!!!🙌🔥. The sounds are heaven!!!

  38. Charley(CJ) Hill (verified owner)

    Sound and service great!!!keep on keeping on guys.

  39. ChapeeMusic (verified owner)

    Great sounds indeed, I mainly came for the glides and it was that way I discovered even more enticing sounds.
    Bless up

  40. Ira Clark

    Ira Clark (verified owner)

    Now i can complete my Gospel project with some flava on it. Great job guys! Salute

  41. Sean Miles

    Sean Miles (verified owner)

    Straight fire 🔥 the sounds has so much thickness to them! Giving me that West-Coast bottom sound I need. Downloading the software was very easy to do. The sounds are authentic giving you what you need to get that bottom bass sounds! The synths real ridiculous! It’s giving me what I need to produce to add flavor to my West Coast Hip Hop, Urban Gospel, and R&B, urban production. I take my hat off to you guys!

  42. Braxton Moore (verified owner)

    This plugin was definitely worth the money! Dope sounds that inspire you to be creative! Definitely recommend! 💪🏾

  43. Alfonso Velasco

    Alfonso Velasco (verified owner)

    This Plugin is truly incredible. Constantly listening to Doobie Powell’s records, I have always wanted to have his rhodes, pads, strings, and synth bass. Once this came out, I had to purchase this and started creating music with this plugin. I highly recommend this VST if you are wanting to enhance your production for rnb, hip hop, fusion, neo-soul, gospel, and other genres. The sounds you will get to use will truly inspire you and motivate you to create after you press play and boot up your keyboard. Get it and start creating again!

  44. MikeOnTheKeyz

    Awesome VST! I’ve had it for three weeks now, and I have no complaints. I highly recommend this plugin.

  45. Bernard Burton


  46. Michael Fuller (verified owner)

    People! Doobie Powell’s Peculiar Sounds just put the sauce to a session i had about three days ago. I needed strings badly and was about to install these native strings i bought. I had actually forgot i bought this plugin until the holy spirit spoke to me and said use peculiar sounds….i was like “oh yeah!” THOSE STRINGS ARE FIRE! My client was well pleased!

  47. Ty Wil (verified owner)

    Wow, just WOW!! I just purchased this and all I can say is WOW! It’s gonna be very useful!!!

  48. David Booker (verified owner)

    As an individual that loves great sounds, this pack has everything I would want in a VST instrument. It’s sound amazing right out the gate. The sounds load quickly. It’s easy to navigate and get to the sounds you’re looking for. I can’t say enough good things about this VST instrument. Job well done!!!

  49. Michael Harbison

    Michael Harbison (verified owner)

    I loaded Peculiar Sounds. Finally for windows..And I’m glad I purchased this plug-in The sounds are amazing 👏 🙌…What surprised me were the drums also which I also use on my mix..Thank you John Mike and doobie Powell..great sounding product 😀…

  50. Steven Morris (verified owner)

    As soon as I press the first note with this open i was instantly hooked!!!
    You will not regret getting this

  51. Micah Springer (verified owner)

    A must have in your arsenal 🔥🔥🔥

  52. Kaylon Brown (verified owner)

    Listen, highly highly recommended!! This is good stuff! I’m super satisfied!

  53. Brian The Brain (verified owner)

    10/10!! Money well spent! Almost singing is my favorite preset! Can’t wait to explore this VST in the future 🙂

  54. tito saldanha

    tito saldanha

    Good morning, I would like to know if the particular gospel VST does not work in Cubase 12?



    This product is awesome quality!



    This product sounds great, has excellent quality.

  57. Anthony Boyd (verified owner)

    This Doobie Powell plugin sounds great coming out the gate, even before any tweaking. That is rare for me. This will get a lot of use in my music !!

  58. Adrian Jonathan (verified owner)

    Always wanted something with this sound and feel.

    Doobie and crew have created a masterpiece!

  59. Tito

    Good morning, I would love to know if the a peculiar sounds plugin works in Cubase 12.

    • John Mike

      John Mike (verified owner)

      Yes it does

  60. Rod King

    Rod King (verified owner)

    Support was quick. Going through sounds now and they have great textures, imaging, different than anything i have in my bank, and worth the buy!

  61. Ryan Jones

    I highly recommend this plugin. The quality of the sounds are amazing. I had some challenges but the staff displayed professional, responsiveness and support.

  62. Ryan Jones

    I highly recommend this plugin. The sounds are quality and the interface is user friendly. The support team Show professional responsiveness and we’re very supportive.

  63. Micah (verified owner)

    I’m a lover of R&B and these sounds are sure to turn head in whatever live setting. Hands down the best VST out right now 🔥🔥🔥🔥 shoutout to John Mike I’m a subscriber of his and wouldn’t have known about this masterpiece had it not been for him. Blessings to the whole GP team!! 🔥🔥🔥

  64. Topknotch (verified owner)

    I must say, compared to all the great sounding virtual instruments “Peculiar Sounds” is a must have!! There’s nothing else like it. It’s one of a kind!!

  65. Carlos Salas

    Carlos Salas (verified owner)

    Amazing sounds and customer service and support. Thanks for doing so great job!

  66. Gerald Roberts

    Gerald Roberts (verified owner)

    These sounds are straight fire, and I use them a lot. Not only are the sounds fire, but John Mike and his technical team are awesome. They responded very quickly and were patient working with me. Nevertheless the gentlemen were able to help me via Zoom, and I appreciate their efforts!

  67. Dallin Davis

    Dallin Davis (verified owner)

    After a few days of working out a glitch (finally found on my side), GP helped me through and was super responsive and quick with communication as we both figured it out. Best customer support…HANDS DOWN! LOVE THIS PRODUCT, I’ll be back-THNX!!

    Dallin, Utah.

  68. Andres

    It’s not letting me buy with pay pal

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