The Art Of Mixing Gospel Taught By Jon Blass!

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Jon Blass is a GRAMMY award-winning mix engineer based in Nashville. Albums he has mixed have received 11 other GRAMMY nominations, multiple Dove and Stellar awards, and frequently land atop the Billboard Gospel charts. His mix credits include India.Arie, Tweet, Marvin Sapp, Donnie McClurkin, Anthony Brown, Jason Nelson, Donald Lawrence, Naomi Raine, Jonathan Nelson, Todd Dulaney, Fisk Jubilee Singers, and many others. Jon works in both stereo and Dolby Atmos from his private mix room, Limn Sound Studio.

Over 6 Hours of Video Content & Lessons!

Follow along as Blass teaches his award-winning mixing process and gives advice on how to start, build and enhance your journey as a engineer.


11 reviews for The Art Of Mixing Gospel Taught By Jon Blass!

  1. Brian Williams

    This class opens a vault to hidden gems no matter where you are in your mixing journey. To see it on that scale presents the opportunity to learn new things or add additional arsenal to your approaches of mixing. Special thanks to Gospel Producers for providing superb content for us to learn from

  2. Keith “Keef Keyz” Coston (verified owner)

    This course is absolutely amazing by Jon Blass, thanks to Gospel Producers for this! There are so many courses out that there that teach you how to achieve a specific sound or how to use certain tools but this class shows you that but most importantly the WHY you would do it. Probably the best course on the site so far, Jon Blass did an excellent job communicating every single step but more importantly the context behind every single step. The added features of the podcast Q&A hangout session at the end made a great difference and impact.

  3. Russell Nelson

    Jon Blass without a doubt is who I have studied since I have started mixing a few years ago. His sound for gospel is just simply the best. This course has literally open my eyes to his thought process on mixing. There isn’t a one trick pony to mixing, but being able to see why he does what he does has really giving me the extra edge i have been looking for. Thank you, John Mike and gospel producers for bringing to us what no one has ever brought to gospel mixing engineers. I brought tier 2, so I’m super excited about the Q&A and mix review. Trust me, spend the money, get this course it will bless you.

  4. Stephen (verified owner)

    Another amazing course! Jon Blass delves deep into the intricacies of his mixing techniques, offering valuable insights into the ‘why’ behind every step. With a stellar track record of mixing some of our favorite records, Jon’s course provides a unique opportunity to se into the mind of a mixing legend . His perspective on mixing has not only opened my eyes but also finely tuned my ears to the nuances of not just gospel but production in general.

  5. David Glenn (verified owner)

    Jon’s way of explaining things is on point. You can tell he really cares about the artist and their vision. No matter the plug-in or technique, he always brings it back to emotion and feel which is more valuable than just showing plug-in settings (which he also does). Always looking to learn more and this course didn’t disappoint! Highly recommend.

    BTW, wait until you see how he clears space for the BGV’s. It’ll blow your mind! 😉

  6. Trevor Dinkins

    Trevor Dinkins (verified owner)

    Wow!!! This Jon Blass course is amazing!!! It’s a very detailed course. This is not your typical YouTube tutorial. Jon Blass teaches you everything from mixing perspectives to file management. When you observe his mix session, you will see that Jon is not applying a plethora of plugins on every track, but what he uses has a purpose. I recommend that you purchase this video course because it course will change your mindset not just as an audio engineer but as a music producer.

  7. Michael Bradford (verified owner)

    This course has definitely changed the approach of mixing for everyone! I love the way Blass explains every thing he does but also shows how he hears every instrument! Simplicity is key but also knowing how every plugin operates is fascinating. Thank you so much for answering not only my questions but other producers questions as well! This course is a definite blessing.
    *searching for more plugins now lol*

  8. Dadrian Nelson

    So about these classes I was expecting it to be really good and it is amazing. I love the knowledge I love the approach you definitely can learn something from these classes no matter from beginner to advance. It’s been pretty dope watching and learning from Jon blass so I encourage whoever is out there who want to further their knowledge and mixing to grab these classes by John blass you would not be disappointed

  9. Sean McClain (verified owner)

    This course is hands down by far the best class I have ever had. Everything make so much sense. The way Jon Blass explains everything is mind blowing. I truly love the way he hears the instruments and vocals in song as a whole. I’m extremely grateful to purchase this class to help sharpen my skills. Thank you Jon Blass and John Mike for making this happen for us engineers and producers. Much love your way🙌🏾👌🏾

  10. Duke Smith

    Dope course! Very insightful. It’s great to see that even the top guys continue to develop their sound and develop new techniques (if you saw the Adams YouTube tutorial then you know)… Super informative and great choice of mix to breakdown since many gospel artists are trying their hands at live recordings these days!

  11. dprofhighsound


    please whats the difference between tier 1 and tier 2.. looking to purchase

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