The Art Of Mastering


Taught by Herb Powers Jr.

Learn How To Master From A Master!

Learn the art and history of mastering from a 16X Grammy Award winning engineer That has worked with artists such as Alicia Keys, Usher, John Legend, Kirk Franklin, Tamela Mann, Hezekiah Walker and so many more!

Hours of Video Lessons!

With over 40+ years in the industry, Herb will delight you with the history of his career working with some of the most Iconic Artists of our generation from the very inceptions of their careers! You will get inside his head to learn his award-winning approach!

Class Trailer

Learn The




Learn the basic ins and outs of Pro Tools from opening the app to creating your first session










See Him 


Watch Herb  Master a song and see his process in real time!




Hear His Story


Hear the stories behind some of the industries biggest artists and biggest hits that Herb has been part of during his 40+ year career !











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